dd-player (gibb module 104)

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If you’d ask me, what’s the most overkill project I’ve done for a school module, I’d say it was a project for the module 104. We had a really simple requirement: Create any program that uses CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete, more about CRUD on Wikipedia).

I thought: Well, I can’t simply create an app for a database with two tables, that’d be way too easy… Hey, why not recreate something like SoundCloud — make a website on which one can upload songs, create playlists and albums, and clearly register / login? One more thing: Make it extensible, so separate the server and the client. And don’t forget, the page shouldn’t reload when navigating the site, otherwise the song would stop playing. It’d be so easy and it would be sooo much fun!

It wasn’t fun. As we needed only to create a simple app, we didn’t receive so much time on the school, so I did most of the work at home: On weekends and at night, because who needs sleep, right? Right?!

I was really stressed to finish it on time, I didn’t sleep well on those weeks, but I managed to do it. The grading was so anticlimactic, though. The teacher did really only verify if the four CRUD operations were there. Needless to say, I got a full grade, and the teacher asked for the source of my code, as I was the one who has done the most for this module.

It might’ve been the most stressful module I had (on this school year), but I’m really proud of myself. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve discovered new technologies, stumbled to problems I’ve never had before and fought my way to solve them. I’d like to mention two tasks I stumbled upon:

Converting songs

The whole logic of converting songs wasn’t easy. A whole bunch of checks had to be done and the song and the album art had to be converted to a universal format.

But you can’t only send the client a response after converting them. The connection would stay open during the whole convert process, and this could result into a timeout. So, I created a task handler with polling. The client would query the convert process status after the upload every couple seconds.

Single-page application (SPA)

Making the website a single-page application wasn’t an easy task, either. Solely the task of making the templating work on the client took two days to work. Not because it was difficult, but because it was an entirely new thing for me.

I had to create a whole MVC logic on the client for it to work as it should. Yes, I could’ve used a library like AngularJS, but that would’ve been too easy. I wanted to get my hands dirty and learn how this really works. And I did. And I’m very proud of myself for doing it.

The templating is done on the client using nunjucks. All the page templates are downloaded from the server and those are then used for building the pages, depending on the URL the user is currently on.

Source code

As I always do with other projects, this project is open-source. Even though I don’t really think many are going to find it useful, I think it’s better for it to be public for all to see. I don’t get anything from keeping it to myself; by sharing it with the world, I might even help someone learn something.

Anyway, below is the code from both the client and the server:

Live preview

A live preview of the project isn’t available yet. Because users can freely register and upload songs, it could be a little dangerous, as someone could spam it, as it doesn’t have any protection.

I intend to implement a way of creating a self-refreshing server (e.g. with Docker) in the future, though.