üK-arch (vocational course module 101)

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On the vocation course 101 – create and publish a website (Webauftritt erstellen und veröffentlichen) – we had the objective to create a website. The choice of the theme was free, there were only few requirements for the website.

I chose Arch Linux for a theme because it’s my favorite Linux distribution, which I have on all of my computers.

As the company I worked on during my apprenticeship does mainly websites, this module was easy for me. Because I love a challenge, I tried technologies I never used before and even created my own gallery with lazy loading and such. Because I wasn’t happy with the gallery not working well on mobile devices, after the course ended, I kept working a little bit on the library and tried to make it somewhat mobile friendly.

Live preview

A live preview of the website can be found under the following links:

Source code

The project’s source code can be found under https://gitlab.com/hockdudu-school/uK-101-arch